Things to Do Now to Prepare Your Home for Summer

The transition from winter to spring, marked by the onset of warmer temperatures, typically happens in March and April for most parts of the United States. For the most part, March introduces most of the country to the 70-degree weather that makes it feel like spring for most people. The earliest 80-degree weather day for most Continue Reading

Appliance Maintenance Tips and Tricks to Make Life Easier

As every homeowner knows, you are responsible for the regular care and maintenance of your house. How well you keep up with routine maintenance can play a big role in your monthly energy bill. Your household appliances need to be cleaned and cared for regularly to keep them performing at their best. It may sound Continue Reading

Tips for Renovating Your Home When You’re on a Budget

Home renovation can increase a house’s value and give a fresh, new feel to a comfortable place. Transforming the rooms in a home and updating the furniture typically costs a pretty penny. HomeAdvisor estimates that home renovation jobs can cost anywhere between $18,389 and $75,969 depending on the size of the home, the number of renovated rooms, Continue Reading

How to Take the Stress Out of Selling Your Home

The act of selling a home can feel more like a hassle than a blessing for many homeowners. This is largely due to the current state of the housing market as well as major developments associated with the COVID-19, which may impact some more significantly than others. Setting these things aside, selling your home is Continue Reading

Flipping Your House? Maximize Your Budget in the Kitchen with These Four Tips

If you’re flipping a house to turn a profit, then you’re probably well aware that when it comes to high-end remodeling projects, the first place to start is the kitchen. Why? Because the kitchen is the heart of the home. What’s more? High-value buyers appreciate a room that accentuates the details in a subtly, yet chic way. Continue Reading

Everything You Need to Know about Accessory Dwelling Units

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is essentially a secondary dwelling area kept on the same grounds as a single-family residence. An ADU can be attached to a primary residence, or it can be built separately (these are often referred to as granny flats). Those with enough acreage may want to add square feet to the Continue Reading

5 Things You Should Know Before Moving to the Lone Star State

Home to diverse cities, exploding energy boomtowns, flourishing job growth, natural beauty, and friendly people, Texas is attracting people by the thousands each year from all around the country. In fact, a large percentage of newcomers are coming from high tax states like New York and California.  The draw is the ability to have more Continue Reading